Youthful Legs

Life Extension

Youthful Legs is an innovative formula that helps maintain healthy circulation in leg veins using a micronized extract of sweet orange peel—which promotes healthy, comfortable legs.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Supports healthy circulation in leg veins
  • Helps promote healthy and comfortable legs
  • Inhibits inflammatory factors to support vascular health
  • Helps maintain tone and elasticity of leg veins

More facts about Youthful Legs

Diosmin compound derived from sweet orange peel extract has been prized for its health benefits in Europe for over 30 years. This form of diosmin has been micronized to closely match clinically studied diosmin formulations. Now this compound is available in a convenient formula.

Diosmin promotes healthy venous circulation

The complex circulatory system in our legs can weaken with age. But diosmin extract from orange peels has been shown to encourage leg circulation and comfort by helping to maintain tone and elasticity of your leg veins. A double-blind, placebo-controlled study recorded significant improvement in participant-reported leg comfort after just two weeks.1

Healthy, comfortable legs are a beautiful thing

Encouraging healthy, beautiful legs all comes down to your vascular system. In addition to encouraging youthful vascular tone and elasticity, diosmin inhibits inflammatory factors to support vascular health, making it an ideal nutrient for healthier, more comfortable legs.2,3

So take care of your aging legs. Try a nutritional supplement that promotes healthy, comfortable and youthful veins … especially in your legs. Add Youthful Legs to your beauty regimen today!

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