Life Seasons

  • Support optimal nerve health
  • Strengthens brain cells against injury
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • 30 Day Supply

Health Benefits

Vinpocetine can improve circulation to the brain and mitochondrial function. Increased blood flow improves oxygen transportation and produces more energy for the body to use. This supports optimal brain health and builds durable cell membranes.

As a nootropic, Vinpocetine has been shown to increase cognitive function, enhance metabolic process, and maintain overall homeostasis within the body. It is essential in supporting a strong mind-body connection.

Is Vinpocetine good for the brain?

Vinpocetine stimulates blood flow to the brain, improving mitochondrial functioning and enhancing cell activity. Vinpocetine can also help inhibit oxidative stress, which can cause cellular damage over time, and slow down apoptosis, or cell death.

Suggested Use

Take two (2) capsules daily with or without food.

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