VegiDay™ Raw Organic Plant-Based Protein French Vanilla

Natural Factors

Everyone on our marvelous planet deserves to be well nourished. But as Earth’s population continues to grow, how will we feed everyone? The simplest – and most sustainable – route to nourishing the world is to produce food that uses less of the planet’s resources. A seed only requires water, some nutrients from the soil, and a whole lot of energy from the sun to become a nourishing plant that can sustain life. Producing animal protein uses far more resources to deliver an equivalent amount of protein. When we choose to replace animal protein with plant protein, even for just one meal a day, we save enough resources to give five more people a serving of plant protein. A diet rich in plants is also better for our health, and better for the environment. VegiDay is part of a growing movement that encourages us to welcome and sustain life by reducing our consumption of animal protein.

  • Provides 20 g of complete, raw, vegan protein per serving
  • Makes a healthy and convenient snack option
  • This organic, vegan formula includes a wholesome combination of six gluten-free, soy-free, non-GMO, easy-to-digest protein sources: pea, rice, pumpkin, quinoa, spirulina, and chlorella

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