Triple Flu Defense+ 2021-2022

Nenninger Naturals

Triple Flu Defense+ Advantage
  • Unique flu medicine made specifically for current season for optimal effectiveness
  • Reformulated each year to best match strains and symptoms using CDC, WHO and patient data
  • Effective for seasonal viruses, respiratory and stomach flu
Product Features
  • 1 Fluid ounces/30 ml
  • 60 Adult doses per bottle
  • Easy to administer liquid with dropper

Suggested Use

  • At the first sign of the flu take 3 doses per day for symptom relief and one dose per week for maintenance.
  • Place drops on or under tongue or mix with 1 ounce of water.
  • Best taken 15 minutes before or after any food or drink, except water.
  • Adult dosage is 20 drops per dose.  Children under 12 dose is 2 drops for every 10 pounds of body weight, up to a maximum of 20 drops. 

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