Renew Life

ABOUT THIS PRODUCT Get a natural balance of fiber with our triple fiber formula. It's made to promote regularity and digestive health.* Balanced fiber formula Relieves occasional constipation* Promotes healthy digestion* Contains prebiotics Quality, purity and potency guaranteed through expiration WHAT'S IN IT Balanced fiber formula 0.25 g soluble fiber 1.25 g insoluble fiber Organic flaxseed Organic oat fiber Organic acacia fiber Vegetable capsules Non-GMO Free of dairy and soy. USAGE Take 5 capsules in the morning, with water or juice, with or without food. May be repeated at midday and in the evening. Drink plenty of purified water while using this product. NOTICE: Using this supplement without at least a full glass of liquid may cause choking. Do not use this supplement if you have difficulty in swallowing, acute cough, or obstructed bowel.

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