Sugar Armor Capsules

Nature's Plus

Sugars and starches in the diet require enzyme activity in order to be absorbed. Patent Pending NaturesPlus Sugar ArmorTM shuts down over 95% of that enzymatic activity, reducing your carb concerns by up to 50%! Blocking up to 50% of the sugar and starch absorption in each meal will shift your weight loss efforts into overdrive, delivering amazing results. 

The secret to NaturesPlus Sugar Armor is in its patent pending dual action shielding system. 500 mg of InnuGuardTM inulin fiber from chicory surrounds the sugars and starches you eat, making them more difficult to digest and absorb. Meanwhile, 250 mg of sugar-blocking brown seaweed extract blocks over 95% of sugar and starch digestion, further limiting the impact of these health-robbing carbs. NaturesPlus Sugar Armor, and a sensible approach to sugary and starchy foods, will change your approach from a weight loss effort to effortless weight loss! 

Caution: Sugar Armor will reduce the impact of dietary sugars, but dieters should still avoid excessive levels of sugars or calories. 

Not intended for women who are pregnant or nursing, or anyone with any medical condition.

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