Rescue Sleep® Liquid Melts


Sleep aid in a quick-dissolve gel capsule*
Natural Orange & Vanilla flavor

We all want to gently drift into a restful sleep and wake up refreshed each morning. But when your mind can’t stop reviewing tomorrow’s to-do list, reach for Rescue Sleep® Liquid Melts and put those repetitive thoughts to bed.*

Rescue Sleep® Liquid Melts combines Rescue Remedy® with the Bach®remedy White Chestnut. Get the rest your mind needs tonight, to be your best tomorrow.

  • 28 doses per box

Fall Asleep Naturally, Wake Refreshed

Turn off your racing mind each evening, with Rescue Sleep® Liquid Melts to help to calm busy, repetitive thoughts so you fall asleep naturally and wake refreshed.*

Place a Rescue Sleep® Liquid Melt on your tongue and let it dissolve when your racing mind is keeping you from a good night’s rest.

Made With 6 Flower Essences

Combining the 5 flowers found in our famous Rescue Remedy® with the Bach® remedy White Chestnut, these alcohol free melts are gentle and easy to use.

Trusted for over 80 years, each Bach® Original Flower Remedy is sourced directly from the original gardens of Dr. Edward Bach and is specially chosen for their positive potentials.

Trusted For 85+ Years

  • Homeopathic
  • Non narcotic
  • Non habit forming
  • Easy to use
  • Alcohol free

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