Olbas Pastilles Herbal Cough Drops


Get Instant, Soothing Relief from Cough & Sore Throat

  • Instant, soothing relief for sore throat & coughs
  • Helps nasal passages feel clearer
  • Plus Chlorophyll for fresh breath

Soothe sore throats and cool away coughs with Olbas Pastilles Herbal Cough Drops. These effective natural cough drops deliver powerful vapors to the nasal passages and throat, providing instant relief when you don’t feel like yourself. This cough suppressant and oral anesthetic features a bouquet of gentle, natural ingredients, like menthol, eucalyptus oil, juniper berry oil and wintergreen oil. Plus, each drop contains chlorophyll, which serves as a natural breath freshener.

Olbas Pastilles Cough Drops are easy to take and carry with you, so you have on-the-go relief throughout the challenging winter months or any other time you feel stuffed up. Thanks to the menthol, every drop instantly soothes sore throats and keeps coughing under control while providing a stimulating, cooling flavor that invigorates. This 27-drop box is a must-have for any natural pharmacy this winter and year-round.