Menopause Relief


Only Solgar® Menopause Relief combines the clinically studied ingredients Siberian Rhubarb (ERr-731®) and affron™ Saffron:   

  • Siberian Rhubarb (ERr-731®) has been clinically studied to help relieve a full range of the most common symptoms women experience during menopause.*†
  • affron™ Saffron has been clinically shown to help you to maintain a positive mood and supports your emotional well-being.*

More than 90% of women showed improvements in menopausal symptoms*^ Clinically shown to help relieve a full range of menopausal symptoms*†

  • Hot Flashes*
  • Night Sweats*
  • Irritability*
  • Anxiety*
  • Mood Swings*
  • Sleep Disturbances*
  • Exhaustion*
  • Joint & Muscle Discomfort*
  • Vaginal Dryness*
  • Urinary Difficulties*
  • Decreased Sexual Desire & Satisfaction*

†As studied on Siberian Rhubarb and measured by the Menopause Rating Scale II; individual variations in symptoms or severity of symptoms experienced during menopause may exist. 
^ In clinical studies on Siberian rhubarb after 12 weeks of continued use. Individual results may vary.