Olbas Inhaler


Take The Power To Breathe Wherever You Go!

  • Makes nasal passages feel cleaner
  • Helps you endure seasonal discomforts
  • Lessens effects of low humidity

Keep the Power to Breathe in your back pocket with the all-natural Olbas Inhaler. This rapid-action remedy provides a clean, open feeling in the nasal passageways, supporting the lungs, sinuses and nose. In other words, it’ll be your new go-to solution when you’re suffering from seasonal discomforts. The best part is, this pocket-sized inhaler can go with you wherever you go. Store it in your purse, pocket, briefcase, backpack, desk drawer or anywhere you may need the Power to Breathe.

The Olbas Oil Inhaler makes it easy to breathe in the all-natural, Swiss formula that’s trusted to provide comfort year-round. The aromatic vapors of menthol, peppermint, cajeput and eucalyptol provide an immediately refreshing, cooling sensation when you need it the most. This product is a fast-fasting, effective option that you can feel good about using when you feel under the weather. It’s even safe for children aged 2 and older.