Full Spectrum Curcumin Sleep Ease


More, better, faster…that’s the difference of Solgar® Full Spectrum Curcumin. In fact, its absorption and bioavailability reach levels never achieved before. Solgar® transforms poorly absorbed curcumin from a fat-soluble to a water-soluble phytonutrient…making it immediately body-ready, faster absorbed and more active than ever before.◊ Now, Solgar® Full Spectrum Sleep Ease combines the power of Full Spectrum Curcumin with:

  • PharmaGABA® to quickly restore mental calmness. Taken at night, GABA supports relaxation and melatonin supports calm, tranquil rest, while body-ready curcumin delivers turmeric’s comforting antioxidant benefits.*
  • Venetron® and Melatonin to help with occasional sleeplessness…so you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.* 

All in all, you wake up in the morning feeling renewed and refreshed.* Now, Solgar® changes what you believed was possible from a sleep formula. Solgar® Sleep Ease Full Spectrum Curcumin…two Liquid Extract capsules, once at night…a good night’s sleep can now be that comfortable.*


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