Fiber Fusion™ Daily

Enzymatic Therapy

Fiber capsules with psyllium husk, oat bran, guar gum seed extract and the prebiotic glucomannan. Why Fiber Fusion™ Daily? Safely eliminates toxins*: The colon is one of the major sites for elimination of toxins out of the body. Fiber helps move the toxins out.* Some people don't get enough fiber from their diet alone: It's essential that your body receives an ample amount of fiber, every day. Fiber Fusion™ Daily provides an additional, reliable source. It provides daily support for regularity and cleansing:* Not just for cleansing, Fiber Fusion™ Plus supports the body's ability to safely adsorb and eliminate toxins, promotes regularity, and improves colon health - every day.* It features True Dispersion™ Technology: Fiber is effective only when fully dispersed in the colon to adhere to and eliminate toxins and enhance the removal of waste products. Our True Dispersion Technology ensures the fiber is completely released and dispersed throughout the colon for optimal digestive support.* It is a clay-free formula: Detoxification products containing clay can deplete the body of healthy minerals, and often contain high levels of lead and other toxins. Since Fiber Fusion™ Daily is clay-free, you can rely on it every day!

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