Extreme Edge Post Workout 2.25 lb - Vanilla


Extreme Edge® Post Workout has the muscle-building 3:1 ratio of protein to carbohydrates that primes muscles for outstanding growth and development during the recovery phase. At the same time, it prevents muscle breakdown, reduces the onset of muscle soreness, decreases recovery time, and counteracts transient immune suppression, which often results from strenuous exercise. ◆ The world’s finest whey protein is the foundation of this formula. Extreme Edge Post Workout exclusively uses whey derived from grass-fed cows that have never been treated with rBGH or antibiotics. The whey undergoes cross-flow microfiltration, a special low-temperature technology that leaves the polypeptide chains and immunoglobulins intact, while removing excess fat and 99% of the lactose sugars that can cause bloating and cramping. The resulting whey protein is rich in BCAAs and powerful immunoglobulins that help neutralize transient immune suppression– which can afflict athletes who push their bodies to the brink. In fact, every serving of this post-workout formula contains both whey protein isolate (WPI) and whey protein concentrate (WPC). WPC provides maximum health-promoting compounds and optimal bioactivity while WPI yields more protein with higher biological value (159 vs 110-115) that is more rapidly absorbed to elicit a more profound insulin response. While offering the best of both worlds, WPI and WPC also work synergistically to provide essential amino acids and immune-boosting immunoglobulins for optimal performance and recovery. The formula is further infused with BCAAs in the highly desired 4:1:1 ratio, as well as L-glutamine, to optimize recovery after strenuous training.◆ Extreme Edge Post Workout provides the ideal amount of protein for intense muscle growth: 28 grams per serving. Many other recovery formulas contain excessive amounts of protein that only makes you retain water, so it’s harder to get ripped. Complex carbohydrates from waxy maize and maltodextrin, free-form L-glutamine and pineapple-derived bromelain aid in muscle recovery. Plus, a cellular hydration stack of electrolytes from whey protein – calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphate and potassium – helps replenish lost electrolytes, reducing the risk of cramping and dehydration.◆ -Kosher Dairy -Creatine Free -Soy-Free -No Added Sugar -NSF Certified for Sport -rBGH/Hormone Free

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