Bitter Melon Gold


Bitter Melon Gold is formulated using an exceptionally pure, organic bitter melon extract that can help support healthy glucose balance and weight-loss. Bitter Melon Gold is manufactured in the USA to industry-defining quality standards and is verified by independent third-party labs to meet identity, purity, and potency label claims. Product Highlights High potency extract Standardized to 10% bitters Non-GMO Project verified Soy-free / Gluten-free Verified free of allergens No harmful additives No magnesium stearate Certified kosher and vegan Solvent-Free Extract Standardized to Bitters Bitter melon is a tropical and sub-tropical vine of the Cucurbitaceae family and is the most bitter of all fruits. Bitter melon grows off the vine as a green, oblong-shaped fruit with a distinct, warty exterior. Although its size, texture, and bitterness varies by geographical region, the fruit is always a good source of vitamins and minerals. The plant contains several biologically active compounds called 'bitters,' the most notable among which are charantin and momordicin. These bitters help support glucose balance when taken with a healthy diet and active lifestyle. Bitter melon can also support healthy weight management by inhibiting the conversion of sugar into fat and stimulating the breakdown of fat in the body.

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