BosMed® Intestinal Bowel Support*

Terry Naturally

BosMed Intestinal Bowel Support helps you experience digestive predictability and relief from occasional: Intestinal discomfort Cramping Gas and bloating Diarrhea* It provides soothing ingredients that work gently and effectively with your digestive system every day for healthy bowel regularity and intestinal motility. It supports the intestinal lining so you can experience comfortable—and predictable—digestive function.* Boswellia works through unique pathways in the body. BosMed Intestinal Bowel Support provides an advanced form of boswellia that can support your digestive health in ways that many other forms of boswellia cannot.* Coriander helps maintain healthy bacterial balance in the digestive tract and reduces occasional abdominal bloating.* Fennel provides compounds that support the mucosal lining of the stomach and intestines.* Caraway helps relieve occasional gas, bloating, and cramping and supports digestive regularity.* Peppermint provides outstanding gall bladder and intestinal support for soothing relief of occasional gas, bloating, cramping, and other discomforts.*

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